We’ve started!

Well Rochdale Evangelical Church has begun. We met for the first time today which is really exciting. We completed all our COVID-19 risk assessments, cleaning and the like, so we were able to meet following the government guidelines and social distancing (so not quite like the picture!). Whether we will be able to next week, we’re not sure. But we’re grateful today that we could meet together. There were seventeen of us, which was really encouraging – in fact we can’t have many more there!

We looked together and John 3:1-8 thinking about Nicodemus and what it means to be born again. The goal is to focus as a church on the core message, so our series is The Good News Jesus Taught. Next week we plan to look at John 3:9-21

If you’d like to listen to the message then go to our resources page.

There’s lots of bad news at the moment, it’s so encouraging to focus on the Good News!