Would you like to get involved?

We’re excited to be starting Rochdale Evangelical Church in the New Year and maybe you would like to be involved.

As you probably know there are lots of issues with meeting together because of the pandemic. However, we are hoping to have small in-person meetings starting in mid-January at 2:30pm on Sunday afternoons at the Scout Hut on Watkin Street. If you would like to join us then send us a message and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate you! On Sunday mornings we’re going to be looking at the Good New that Jesus brought and that we are committed to as a church.

If you can’t make it to join us in person, then the services will be recorded and available on the website later on Sunday hopefully.

We’re also going to be having weekly Zoom growth groups and prayer meetings. In growth groups we’ll be looking at the Bible together to think about what a church is. In our prayer meetings we’ll take the chance to pray together for each other, for the church and for our community. These meetings will be for 40 minutes, probably on Monday and Thursday evenings. If you would like to join these meetings then do let us know by sending a message.

We looking forward to getting started in 2021 and we hope to see you there!